Frequently Ask Question

Q. 1 What is forex FAQ

Forex FAQ means Frequestly Ask Question of Forex.In the following FAQ, you will find almost all the question answer about Daily Pips Signal

Q. 2 What is Forex trading?

The Foreign exchange market is popularly known as forex or fx. Its a huge market with 6 trillion Dollars traded every day.

Q. 3 When is the Forex market open?

Unless other market forex market is 24 hours open. The Forex day starts in Sydney and moves around the globe first to Tokyo, then London, then New York.

Q. 4 What is forex trading Signal?

Forex signals is forex market movement alerts. In other word it can be called as buy or sell alert.

Q. 5 How to purchase and receive our signal?

To purchase and receive our signal alerts you have to follow the following steps:-
(a) Get resistered/Sign Up
(b) Sign In
(c) Select your package
(d) Make payment
Usually you package is activated instantly. Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours to activate and configure our signal. However in the meantime your will receive a confirmation mail of receiving your payment. If you purchase our signal on the weekend, it will be activated before the next business day.

Q. 6 Do you Provide SMS?

Yes, we provide forex signals by sms to the mobile phones of the subscribers. SMS are available for Standard, premium and Premium plus Subscribers.

Q. 7 Which pairs do you provide signals?

We provide signal on major currency pairs as (EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, NZD/USD and USD/CAD).We may also provide other pairs signal to the clients as special offer, promotional offer or recovery signal.

Q. 8 How many signals do you provide in a day?

Daily Pips Signal usually provides 2 6 signals on every business day. Sometimes depending on market movement we may provide less or more signal. However, we notify our subscribers about that before.

Q. 9 How many pips do you provide in a day?

Pips usually depend on market movement. It may vary one day to other. Usually we are able to provide 30 -90 Pips on every business day. On our good day we may provide more than what we say.

Q. 10 What is your probable signal time?

We provide signals in suitable times considering market condition that covers almost all the session. Usually provide signal around GMT 4.00AM to GMT 8 PM based on the subscribers session.